Sunday, December 27, 2009

Chocolate Breakfast Cookies

Hellooooooo! Wow, I seriously did not intend to take this long of a break before posting a new recipe here on my blog, but time around the holidays just seems to go even faster than the regular amazing speed of time. I may not have been blogging much over the last month, but that does not mean that I have not been cooking. Let's see, I have made peanut butter waffles, rainbow pancakes, quadruple batch of breakfast cookies, healthier version of bisquick and turned it into sausage balls and sausage pinwheel, peanut butter banana muffins and just today, chocolate breakfast cookies and homemade whole wheat pitas. My mom and I also canned potato soup, beef vegetable soup, chili, white chili and bolognese sauce. I am sure that I am leaving something out, but you get the idea that I continue to do lots of cooking and have lots to share.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts was the Sneaky Chef's new cookbook Sneaky Fitness. It has lots of ideas to sneak physical activity into your everyday routine in addition to more sneaky recipes. Today, we tried the recipe for chocolate champion cereal cookies, since the regular breakfast cookies are now a staple in our household. How do you think your kids would react if you offered them these cute and tasty chocolate cookies for breakfast?

The sneaky ingredients include purple puree (pureed spinach and blueberries), wheat germ, whole wheat pastry flour and old-fashioned rolled oats. NOTE: This recipe calls for 1/3 c. of purple puree and I usually recommend storing your purees in 1/4 cup portions SO you will have to use more than one serving of your stored purees or just make a triple batch and use one cup of puree. These cookies have a nice little crunch and look great when you dust them with powdered sugar. Most importantly, my taste testers whole-heartedly approved!! Seth actually ate three cookies for dessert tonight and I think they would make a great snack for pre-school. You could make this dough ahead of time and flash freeze on a cookie tray and store to bake in the morning and then top with powdered sugar.

Enjoy and I look forward to blogging again soon!