Saturday, May 30, 2009

Must Blog Quickly!

I wanted to post a couple of new recipes while Seth was napping today, but spent too much time reading other blogs and now he is up and at 'em. Soooo, here you go - both of these recipes can use the purple puree as made by the Sneaky Chef.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes

These pancakes are super easy and Seth loves them. I have to admit that they are a little too rich for my taste buds. I usually make a double batch so that I can freeze them and have a quick breakfast. These are also tasty treats or snacks for a lunch box. Just put the frozen pancake in and when it is time to eat they should be thawed.

Blueberry Oatmeal Bars

I love, love, love this recipe. I adapted it from the cookbook Deceptively Delicious. I really like this as a snack on the go. I have made this recipe before travelling. I cut them into bars and place in snack bags and then it is ready to eat in portion sized servings. These are also great to share-I have made these for a friend who just had her second child and one who is pregnant with her fourth boy as a healthy and filling snack that they can grab and know they are getting a filling and nutritious boost. I love to have these for lunch with a carton of yogurt. Yummy!


Thursday, May 21, 2009


Who loves french fries? I DO! I DO!

Here are a couple of recipes for yummy french fries. One is made with white potatoes and the other with sweet potatoes. Both are delicious!!

The white potato recipe is basically a twist on steak fries. We enjoyed them with seasoned salt, but I also think they would be tasty with kosher salt and cracked black pepper or maybe with greek seasoning.

My friend Ashley forwarded me the sweet potato recipe that her kids and husband all loved. We tried them last week and they magically disappeared! My mother-in-law recommended leaving the skin on them so that they will stick together better. I think I would like them even better if they were a little crispy. Any suggestions? I'll let you know what I figure out!

Also, when you coat the potatoes, place them in a large ziploc bag for easier clean-up!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tasty Chicken Tenders

Do your kids like chicken tenders? Mine certainly does and so do I, honestly, and so does my husband. It's chicken, right? Gotta be nutritious. Well, if you are buying the store brands it may be chicken and it is probably not that nutritious. I combined a Sneaky Chef and Deceptively Delicious (shhhh, don't tell anyone!) recipe to get these delicious and nutritious chicken tenders that we ALL love!!!!

I use an orange puree to dredge these in, but you good use green as well. They are breaded with Better Breading: wheat germ, whole wheat bread crumbs and ground almonds (add more wheat germ if you have a nut allergy in your home).

What I really like about this recipe is that if you start with FRESH chicken tenders not frozen, then you can lay these out on waxed paper and freeze before you bake them. Then wrap in waxed paper and place in freezer safe container or bag until you are ready to cook. Then just cook as directed. My friend Karyn baked hers in the oven after they were frozen and enjoyed them this way as well.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I have a confession . . .

I have a confession. I don't really like munching on fresh fruit and vegetables as a snack or with a meal. What I mean is that those yummy, healthy items are not what I naturally think of when I am hungry. I want some chips or peanut butter or ice cream or cheese or more chips or cookies or well, you get the idea. I did not grow up with these healthy choices and therefore they are not the options that I readily go to in my mind when I need/want something to eat.

As a grown-up I have learned to eat yogurt, salad, bagels (by now you are probably wondering what I actually did eat as a child - I told you that I was picky!) and yes, I have learned to eat yummy things like celery, carrots, red peppers, sugar snap peas, but, and here's the kicker, I need some ranch dressing to truly enjoy these veggies. I know, I know then I am just adding lots of fat to something that is super healthy and good for me. Sooooo, I made my own ranch dip this weekend that was delicious and better (I am not going to say good) for me.

It's all about making better choices, right? So, if I can make a better dip and actually enjoy my veggies then that has got to be a good thing. Please let me know if you have any dips or suggestions for ways that you enjoy your veggies.

Gotta go cut up the veggies I just bought because if I don't have them cut and ready to eat they won't get eaten!

Happy dipping!