Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I did some investigating!

I did some investigating today while I was at Schnuck's (here in Evansville) about prices and locations of wheat germ. In an earlier post I showed you pictures to find wheat germ, well evidently there is another location in the store in the cereal isle near the oatmeal. The picture I showed is Bob's Red Mill which was 16 ounces for $2.99. In the cereal isle, you can find Kretzschmer's "toasted" wheat germ which was 12 ounces for $4.97. Also in the cereal isle, Hodgson Mill makes an untoasted wheat germ which was 12 ounces for $2.09.

What's the difference between toasted and untoasted wheat germ? Toasted wheat germ is just that and it has a nuttier, richer flavor than untoasted wheat germ.

So, shop wisely and informed!


Friday, April 24, 2009

More Favorite Recipes!

I talked with several friends this week and these recipes kept coming up as my favorites, so I figured that I would go ahead and post them.

Easy Chicken and Dumplings

This recipe is so easy and fast! My husband was sick this week and I made this for him (OK, and me, too!) and I think it was instrumental in his road to recovery. There is nothing sneaky in this recipe as it is relatively healthy on its own (just don't pay attention to the yummy dumplings).

Turkey Burgers

I got this recipe from the Sneaky Chef cookbook, How to Cheat on Your Man in the Kitchen. It was a little bland so I added some spices to it. My husband loves these and that says a lot if you know my husband!


Another Sneaky Chef recipe that requires no modification. It is delicious as is and another one that my husband loves! I usually quadruple the recipe when I make it and freeze several meatloaves for later use. To freeze, place the shaped meatloaf on a tray (cutting board, cookie sheet) lined with wax paper and freeze. Then wrap frozen meatloaf in plastic wrap and place in freezer bag. Then just cook as directed.

I hope you enjoy these recipes!


Where's the Wheat Germ?

Several of you have asked me where to find wheat germ, so I put my cell phone camera to work today while I was shopping. Here in Evansville you can find it at Schnuck's or one of the specific health food stores. They do not carry it at Buy Low or Wal-mart. In other parts of the country I know it can be purchased at Kroger and nicer grocery or health food stores.

Start in this isle:

Then look for this section. It is usually between muffin/cake mixes and cooking oils.

Here is the actual brand that I use!

Let the hunt begin!
UPDATE: Christine from my Mommy & Me class also told me that she has found wheat germ in the cereal isle by the cream of wheat and oatmeal. The brand is Kretzschmer and she thinks that it is probably cheaper than the Bob's Red Mill brand. I will have to check this out and let you know. Thanks Christine!!!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Blogs and Links

My husband is out of town. I am telling you this because that is the reason that I had so much time tonight to surf the web for other blogs and websites that deal with healthy, kid friendly and appealing food. It's both good and bad-lots of resources and recipes that I can't wait to try (and share with you), but overwhelming in deciding where and when to start.

I have added several of the blogs to the list of blogs that "I follow" on the left side-bar. You can also access them through the "Sneaky Mommy Links" button on the right side-bar. But, here they are as well:;;; and

So, I am off to do more web-surfing since I have the house, the couch, the computer and the TV all to myself tonight.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Purees . . .

Why use purees? *Sneak healthy ingredients into foods your kids and you will eat *Purees are more concentrated and nutrient dense *Can be made ahead to quickly sneak into food.

I have listed the puree recipes from the Sneaky Chef at the right of the blog. I will also place a list there for baby foods that can be used in place of purees.

I use the orange puree most often-it is especially easy to add to pre-made pasta sauce or chili. It is made with carrots and sweet potatoes. Simply boil until tender and then puree until smooth in food processor or blender with a little bit of water. I usually cook a large batch so that I have plenty of puree to freeze for later use. I store the purees in 1/4 cup portions in snack size storage bags. Some people freeze them in ice cube trays and then store in plastic freezer bags.

One of our favorite recipes is applesauce muffins. Seth eats these two at a time and asks for them for dinner. I think they are yummy, too! I usually make a double batch and freeze them. Then I am only 30 seconds in the microwave away from a delicious and healthy breakfast (or dinner).

Friday, April 17, 2009

SNEAKY CHEF on Today Show!

The Sneaky Chef, Missy Chase-Lapine, will be on the Today Show during the 9 0'clock hour. If you miss this you can view it on either website: or . She is going to be making two new recipes from her new cookbook. I will be on the road travelling to Georgia today to see my best friend and her new baby, so I will have to catch it on the web. Have a great weekend!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


My blog has a fancy new look thanks to my very talented Mommy & Me friend, Andrea Lander. If you love her work like I do, you can click on the link for "Daylie Designs" to see more examples of what she can do! You can still access all of the recipes and links that were here before, just click on the cute little picture at the side and then just click on the recipe name when the next page comes up.

For now, I am trying to decide which of my favorite recipes to share with you next . . .decisions, decisions!


Friday, April 10, 2009

Healthy and Tasty Pasta?

Just click on the title of this blog to be linked to an article that lists four of the healthiest pastas that are being made now. What an easy way to sneak some whole grains and even omega-3s into your diet.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Long time, no blog!

Time really does fly by. I can't believe that it has been over two weeks since I last posted on this blog. Life has just been a little crazy and I wanted to try some new recipes from the Sneaky Chef's new cookbook and post about them. I have looked at the cookbook and think there are some yummy recipes that I want to try, but alas I have not actually made any of them. So, I thought that I would post a recipe that is delicious and healthy but not in the least "sneaky."

I want to share this recipe that my Grandmother makes that is simple, tasty and healthy all rolled into one recipe. Passion pasta is a staple in my household so much so that the recipe is framed on my kitchen counter as a gift and inside joke from my Grandmother. It is even healthier if you use either whole wheat pasta, such as Hodgson Mill or fortified pasta, like Smart Taste from Ronzoni.