Sunday, October 18, 2009

Cheesy Animal Crackers

Here is another second chance recipe. I tried this recipe over a year ago and was not thrilled with my original results, but recently tried again with a few modifications.

This homemade cheese cracker recipe starts with pureed chickpeas, a little olive oil and lots of whole grains rather than a stick of butter and loads of cheese or the unpronouncable ingredients found in store bought crackers.

I did modify the original recipe by using sharp cheddar cheese instead of low-fat cheddar cheese. I just don't like what they do to the cheese to make it low fat, so instead, choose to use the real stuff in moderation. I chose sharp cheddar because I thought the crackers could use a bolder cheese flavor.

When you roll out the dough, I recommend that you do it in small batches so that you can get the dough thin enough to make crackers.

When you bake the crackers, I recommend baking them for 10-12 minutes and then turning your oven up to broil for a minute or so to make the crackers more crispy.

These are fun because you can choose whatever shape you want. I made these out of small Noah's Ark cookie cutters because the lesson in Sunday school today was about Noah's Ark. We also made some out of Halloween cookie cutters.
One can of chickpeas makes a quadruple batch of crackers. So, for sake of ease, just puree chickpeas in food processor and throw in enough ingredients to quadruple the recipe. These crackers store for weeks or freeze for months so it is worth the time to go ahead and use all of the puree while you have it in the food processor. Also, I mix all of the ingredients together in the food processor so that the cheese is completely combined. When I mixed it in the mixer the cheese remained kind of stringy and it looked like some of my crackers had hair (that's never good).
Lastly, these crackers have been taste-tested and approved by my fellow Mommy & Me ladies, their kiddos, my husband (but, please don't tell him they have chickpeas or cheese in them) and the Sunday school class at church.


  1. SERIOUSLY those are the BOMB!!! LOVED THEM!!
    Made the PB and bananna muffins...ALL of my boys loved them...even KUDDOs from the "big" boy. thanks for the recipe!!

  2. I never thought to make my own cheese crackers. I am going to have to try this!

  3. I made these twice (following the Sneaky Chef directions exactly) and was so disaapointed that the next day they were soggy... both times I made sure they were completely cool before storing and they were stored in airtight containers. I know they can be salvaged by retoasting just before eating again, but that's not too helpful for me as I wanted to have these packed for my kids' school lunches/snacks. Have you ever experienced this? Maybe your way of broiling for a short time before taking them out takes care of this? Or, do you have to retoast them each time before you eat/serve them? Thanks so much for any information. I would love to continue making homemade crackers, but this has me discouraged.