Sunday, January 23, 2011

Double Smoothie Strawberry Pie

Here is a new recipe that I tried this week and my family loved it.  I also shared it with a fellow church family and they enjoyed it as well.  It is from the website  These moms are dieticians who have written two cookbooks and offer recipes as well as recipe makeovers on their website. 

Immediately below is the picture from the actual website which is a lot prettier than my cell phone picture below, but I did like that my filling cooled with the shape of heart in it, so I thought I would share it, too. 

My husband especially enjoyed the crust which contains crushed graham crackers as well as flaxseed.  I think it could easily be substituted for any other graham cracker crust recipe. 

Please check out the Meal Makeover Moms website for more great recipes and tips to encourage healthy eating in your home.  Click the title of this blog post or here to get the full recipe.


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