Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pancakes and Granola Bars

I have not added recipes that require purees yet, because I thought that it might be easier to get started with a few recipes that don't require them. Then, once you are hooked and ready to take the next step I will add some recipes that need purees in them.

Finding sneaky ingredients: Wheat germ, whole wheat flour and whole wheat pastry flour can be found at Schnuck's and Elbert's. At Schnuck's it is usually all together with the whole wheat/grain and Bob's Red Mill products. I found crispy brown rice at Elbert's. Slivered almonds are usually in the baking section of the store with other nuts.

Pancakes: These are great made ahead of time and frozen. I usually freeze two small pancakes (made with 2 T scoop) in a snack bag and then freeze all the smaller bags together in a freezer bag. At breakfast time, Seth has a yummy, nutritious breakfast in about 30 seconds.

Granola Bars: These are soooo good that I don't make them as often because I could eat the entire batch at once. It took me a little while to get them to stick together, but even if they don't when you make them, use it as granola on yogurt or eat with a spoon!!!

Cake/Cupcakes: These are the yummiest, most moist cupcakes EVER! Yes, they are still cupcakes, but offer less empty calories with a boost of potassium and beta carotene from the pumpkin. The pumpkin puree is usually in the baking section. Make sure you don't buy pumpkin pie filling which has spices in it. You want plain pumpkin puree. You can freeze the remaining puree in labeled, freezer bags until you make your next batch of cupcakes.

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