Friday, April 24, 2009

Where's the Wheat Germ?

Several of you have asked me where to find wheat germ, so I put my cell phone camera to work today while I was shopping. Here in Evansville you can find it at Schnuck's or one of the specific health food stores. They do not carry it at Buy Low or Wal-mart. In other parts of the country I know it can be purchased at Kroger and nicer grocery or health food stores.

Start in this isle:

Then look for this section. It is usually between muffin/cake mixes and cooking oils.

Here is the actual brand that I use!

Let the hunt begin!
UPDATE: Christine from my Mommy & Me class also told me that she has found wheat germ in the cereal isle by the cream of wheat and oatmeal. The brand is Kretzschmer and she thinks that it is probably cheaper than the Bob's Red Mill brand. I will have to check this out and let you know. Thanks Christine!!!!


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  1. That is the kind I have...and it's great! Adds a "extra" to our recipes... I like especially in my red pasta sauce.... mixes in and no body knows!