Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I have a confession . . .

I have a confession. I don't really like munching on fresh fruit and vegetables as a snack or with a meal. What I mean is that those yummy, healthy items are not what I naturally think of when I am hungry. I want some chips or peanut butter or ice cream or cheese or more chips or cookies or well, you get the idea. I did not grow up with these healthy choices and therefore they are not the options that I readily go to in my mind when I need/want something to eat.

As a grown-up I have learned to eat yogurt, salad, bagels (by now you are probably wondering what I actually did eat as a child - I told you that I was picky!) and yes, I have learned to eat yummy things like celery, carrots, red peppers, sugar snap peas, but, and here's the kicker, I need some ranch dressing to truly enjoy these veggies. I know, I know then I am just adding lots of fat to something that is super healthy and good for me. Sooooo, I made my own ranch dip this weekend that was delicious and better (I am not going to say good) for me.

It's all about making better choices, right? So, if I can make a better dip and actually enjoy my veggies then that has got to be a good thing. Please let me know if you have any dips or suggestions for ways that you enjoy your veggies.

Gotta go cut up the veggies I just bought because if I don't have them cut and ready to eat they won't get eaten!

Happy dipping!



  1. First let me say...peanut butter w/ graham crackers is a great option for a snack...also those individual low fat cheese sticks hit the spot with some fruit.... or some baked lays...pretzels....or even 3 low fat oreos with a glass of skim milk would work.
    As for the dips...I'm not a dip person...lucky...and works for the RD in me... BUT I would encourage SALSA as a dip choice...lots of tomatoes rich in lyocpene and it's low in fat.... peppers would be the best option, but spice up the celery and brocoli.
    Really if you just "try" to go "naked" your taste buds will be come "desensitzed" ?sp after a few nibbling sessions and you might even LIKE the flavor of the veggie!!
    Hugs...missed you at Zumba...noon...went thinking you'd be there.

  2. I wanted to let you know that I haved tried out several more of your recipes. My family really liked the barbell burgers. I cut sweet potatoes into french fries sprinkled some season salt on them and baked them. The kids went crazy over the fries . . .you have made me start thinking outside of the box!!!
    Then the next night I made the power pizza. My husband loved them--I made them inside of whole grain pita pockets. For some reason my husband said he thought he really liked the flavor of the veggies in it. Which is shocking considering his normal pizza is the meatlover's. It seems I'm changing him for the better!
    I also served chocalate pancakes for breakfast one morning. It was great knowing that the kids were eating spinach and blueberries in thier pancakes. They never thought twice!
    Thanks for all of your help--we are eating much healthier!!!!! Love ya, AShley

  3. I thought of another one...HUMMUS! You can get a variety of flavors...try several to "spice it up".
    Thanks for the great ZUMBA class! It's so awesome to see you TEACH!