Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Other Sneaky Moms

Calling all sneaky moms!!!

Aren't we all sneaky moms when it comes right down to it? Whether it is getting our kids (and husbands) to healthier foods, turning boring chores into games to entice a toddler or sneaking in 15 minutes to take a power nap or catch up on reading other blogs, er, I mean polish my toenails or should I say empty the dishwasher.

Have you tried any of the blogs that are on the left of my blog text? Well, these next two recipes will give that opportunity.

First, I found this tasty granola bar recipe at Cents to Get Debt Free. This mama has lots of great ideas for frugal living as well as lots of recipes and ideas for other homemade items such as laundry soap and fabric softener.

While I was visiting Cents to Get Debt Free I saw her post for Meal Plan Monday and a recipe for oatmeal pancakes which was from Lynn's Kitchen Adventures. This mama has tons of wholesome and delicious recipes that might inspire you, too.

These granola bars were super easy to throw together and took no special skills to make them stick together. I baked them for about 25 minutes and will probably bake the next batch just a smidge longer as they were pretty chewy. But, Seth loved them and so did I. Sure beats those prepackaged "granola bars" with mystery ingredients. Plus, if you check on the math on the cost of the ingredients listed here they are much, much cheaper than the prepackaged bars. Plus, these are made with love and you know exactly what is in them.

I have been trying to make the oatmeal pancakes for about two weeks now, but kept putting it off. Silly me! WOW, these were great! They got the super tasty seal of approval from everyone in my household! PLEASE NOTE: the recipe is for a pancake mix that can be kept on hand for quick pancakes in the morning, BUT you will need to plan ahead a little as the mix needs to sit in buttermilk for about 20 minutes before cooking. To simplify even more, when I make my next batch I will make a double or triple batch and store in the freezer for a really quick breakfast. I even took a picture of what my pancake mix looks like for you.

I will also place links to these recipes in my recipes section for quick reference for you.



  1. I'm so glad you liked my Granola Bars--and aren't those pancakes THE best?!

    Great blog--I'll be back. ;)

  2. will try to make those granola I eat a "prepackaged one" as I type....YIKES...hope the 5K goes well